Saturday, February 6, 2010

Small update, only 7 months overdue!

Here are just a few moments from the last 8 months.
Robby turned 8. 4th of July. Uncle Dan visited and we went to aquarium. Robby started 3rd grade. Moved to house in town on nice cul-de-sac. Halloween. Thanksgiving-Wendy and Frank visited. Nana and Papa visited. Christmas. New Years. Natalie started dance class (tap & ballet). That pretty much sums it up in a nutshell. We love Washington!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Spring Update!

Like I said before, I am horrible about updating this blog. With being so busy with work, I hardly ever turn on the computer when I get home.
Since my last update, Natalie has turned 4! I can't believe she is already that old. I seems like we just brought her home. She is a sassy little thing and can almost write her whole name by herself. We had a little birthday party for her with one other family that has kids the same age as ours. We had a princess party with Costco pizza and chocolate cake. Natalie really enjoyed herself.

Later that same day, I had the opportunity to take a helicopter ride with my boss around the lovely Seattle and Eastside areas of Washington. Man, we love it here and it was a beautiful day. I got some pretty good pictures, but some are a little glarey! We even circled our house and I could see Robby waving at us!

Robby will be done with school this Friday, the 19th. He will then officially be a third grader. Unfortunately, Natalie will not be starting kindergarten until fall of 2010.

I have also included some pictures of one of the Japanese Maple trees in our front yard. We could see some red things up in the tree the other night and went out to investigate. It turns out, there is a dead rose bush (not completely) with one branch that extends all the way up in this tree. The red buds were beginning to bloom (EVERYTHING is blooming here!). Enjoy the pics, oh, and Nana, we really enjoyed seeing you at the airport for the brief time that we did and can't wait to see you later on in the summer. Love you!