Monday, June 23, 2008

Fresh Mountain Air

We went camping this past weekend up at the Yosemite Lakes Thousand Trails campground just west of Yosemite National Park. It was awesome! I like camping as well as anyone, but after day two or three, I'm ready to go home. This place makes you want to stay forever! The campgrounds had awesome showers and activities galor! There was even miniature golf. The best part was that it was right on the Tuolumne River and it was only about waist deep in the deep spots and barely moving. The water was also amazingly clear. The kids had a great time swiming and playing in the dirt. Mark and I even caught our fair share of trout. Don't worry, they did get eaten(not by me, though!) Even when it is 90 degrees there, you step into the shade and it is so pleasant. You should go there, and often. I didn't even mind the drive home through Yosemite. We saw 4 waterfalls flowing including Yosemite Falls. Unfortunately, it wasn't at full glory. By the way, if you have a child that gets carsick(i.e. Natalie), do not take Highway 49 west of Mariposa unless you want your car to smell of vomit(and jellybeans--ugh)!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hot hair!

So Natalie's hair has been chopped off and it looks so cute! Here are the pics. Robby got a haircut too(just like all his other hair cuts) and wanted me to include him as well. Let me know what you think!