Thursday, October 30, 2008


The pictures loaded in HTML, so I will just give you the run down. The cute yellow house is where we live and we have an awesome flame orange Japanese Maple in the front that I have a couple pictures of. There is a picture of the downstairs family room, kitchen and "reading area". Things are still a huge mess because there is not one single linen cabinet in the entire house. So I have things that don't have a home yet. Sorry I took so long getting these up, I still can't find my cable to connect my camera to the computer--so I hooked up the photo printer and used the card slot--because of the delay, I was able to get the picture of the gigantic slug in the back yard--or what there is of it. See my hand next to it? Gross. Anyway, the back is about 4 feet deep and then there is a huge retaining wall straight up that is ivy, ferns, trees and tons of blackberry bushes. There are in season right now, so the kids are loving it. The dogs are adjusting well too. They pretty much stay on the porch most of the day and then venture out and explore when they are bored. They have already brought me back a ton of trash they have found. Since I took these pictures--which was Sunday, the leaves have changed drastically and it is like living in an Autumn post card. I love it here! The normal high has been between 58-62 degrees F. In the past 12 days, it has only rained twice. I will post more later! I have also included an adorable photo of my new nephew, Evan Magnus Ketcher!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Wow! It is so beautiful here. Just wanted everyone to know that we are here and loving it! I will post pictures tonight of our house and the beautiful fall colors everywhere. We just got phone and internet today. Congrats to my brother John and wife Jen on their new baby boy, Evan!!! Love you guys!