Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So, I haven't taken any pics...

Ok, I promised everyone an update, but I sat down to do it and realized we haven't taken any pictures since Robby's school performance. I promise I will get pictures posted this weekend. I have to take some. We just have been so busy with work and school, not much has changed.

The only big change we recently had was we found Benelli a new home on Saturday. We were thinking about it for awhile. He has been eating so many rocks and seemed to limp all the time. We have a ton of stairs! A friend of Mark's came by to see about doing some work on the property and had his daughter with him. He happened to mention they were going to go to the pound to pick out a new friend. We pointed out our little guy, and they decided to take him home. He is out on a small ranch and was instantly buddies with their cat. I think he will be much happier there and won't be picked on as much. Misty had really been giving him a hard time lately. Anyway, Robby sobbed for about a half an hour a couple times that day. We sure do miss him, but it does seem to make things a little simpler with only one dog. Misty still hasn't quite figured out what to make of it. She has been super good and won't leave my side. I think she is wondering when she is getting the boot. She's not going anywhere!