Monday, June 18, 2007

smokin' hot summer

Have you been here?
So, it's been awhile since I last blogged, so I am doing so now. Lots has happened! Natalie turned 2, we went to Memphis and I gave my notice at the college.
So Natalie turned 2 on Cinco de Mayo! She is getting so big and starting to make more sense when she talks. Just yesterday she started actually saying "milk" instead of "gok". Her favorite phase right now is "what's that?", which she pretty much says non-stop. My personal favorite is "I dunno".
I flew out to Memphis with the kids on June 8th to see my bros and their fams. It was a ton of fun and suprisingly, the kids were awesome on the planes-even with the 3 hour layover in SLC. We went to Graceland, the Memphis Zoo--which was totally awesome(they have panda bears) and had ton of family time.
See how good they were? The perfect little fliers!

Graceland was pretty cool. I'm not a huge Elvis fan, but I learned some interesting things. One, he had some very interesting taste in decor--really cool for the 60's-70's, he was a twin(I didn't know) and also, his grandmother died the exact day my brother, John, was born.
This picture was taken from the car museum. He had lots of cars apparently. Randi and Mike looked especially smashing in front of the pink caddy.
The highlight of the trip for me was the zoo. They had panda bears, which I have never seen, and the coolest polar bear exhibit. No pun intended!Apparently, they were hoping she was expecting, thus the shaven tummy. Probably for ultrasounds.

They're paws are massive. The water looked so cool and inviting, except for the bits of floating poo. It was so muggy in TN.
The kids loved the zoo, but we only had time for a few exhibits; Dad had to catch his flight home.
We still fit into the schedule some really good ribs, cooked by chef Aaron, a birthday party for Alli, and a great family picture. Everyone was there except for Mark, who had to work. Bummer!

A little blurry, but OK. We'll just photo shop Mark in. I almost forgot, we also went to Build-A-Bear with Randi. Robby made a cat and hasn't put it down since he got it.
I hope this makes up for my lack of blogging. Oh, yeah, I gave my notice at the college and have decided to run a day care out of my home. You may think I'm crazy, but I knew I could do it after spending a week with mine and Aaron's kids all together and I survived.