Saturday, February 24, 2007


I just opened a bag of discount, after Valentine's Day, Brach's Cinnamon Imperial Hearts and man, they sure are good! They are burning my mouth. Good cinnamon candy is hard to find. One February, Cold Stone made a cinnamon ice cream with crushed red hots in it. My friends, it was the best ice cream in the world! Enough of my randomness...anyone want to buy a used dishwasher?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Funny Valentine's...

We had a nice Valentines Day and the kids got lots of treats. Mark and I went to a sweethearts dance at the Elks Lodge on the Saturday before to celebrate our 9th anniversary! Wow! It was a lot of fun watching a bunch of 60+ year olds get their groove on! On Valentines, we went as a family to Fresno and went shopping.

Robby got a bunk bed that he loves! The kids think it is a new jungle gym. Natalie has already fallen off the ladder twice. They grow up so fast! Natalie is not actually this chunky--it's just the picture!

Mark has also gotten himself a little something. He sold his Bronco and bought himself a project truck. It is a 1974 Dodge W200 4x4 in bright orange. It's not a bad looking truck and it is actually near completion. We spent Presidents' Day at a local junk/part yard sifting through dead trucks for spare parts. It was quite interesting and we got probably $600 worth of parts for $20--including a seat!

We are also in the process of upgrading our kitchen appliances to stainless steel. I will post a picture when it is done. On Friday, we get our last delivery and then it will be complete. I am so excited! It will be nice to have a dishwasher that actually washes the dishes!

I also discovered in the last week that Natalie is definately a left hander. Out little south paw loves to color and draw pictures(scribbles). Oh yes, and help Daddy with the truck.

All for now...Have a great day!!!