Sunday, November 18, 2007



Turkey Update!

We didn't get a gobbler as planned, those shady, sneaky creatures, so we will be having ham this year--and dove. That's right, dove, my friends. Tastes like chicken!

Sweet November

Did I mention I love fall? I wish it would truely come. It has been unbelieveably warm during the day and only a bit chilly at night. I haven't had to turn on our heater yet. The poor plants aren't sure if they should go dormant or bloom. Our neighbors' tulip bulbs are sprouting!
Anyway, the kids had a blast on Halloween. Robby was a skeleton, again, and Natalie made sure to tell everyone "I DeeDee Doodlebop!" I though Natalie would be tired of trick-or-treating after a block or two, but once she figured out they were willingly giving her candy, she was set to go all night. I only had to retrieve her from the inside of one house. She just walked on in and went down the hallway. She is so funny like that. Here are a bunch of pictures of the kids being themselves and some from Halloween. Robby lost his second tooth a couple of days after the first. Now he can stick his tongue out without opening his mouth!--I haven't gotten a pic of it yet!

Below: Always trying to be just like Daddy!
Below: Rob & Nat with Teddy